Things to Consider While Web Hosting Small Businesses

Back then, there were no free online resources to help one getting started online. And, to host a web was a nightmare for businesses that don’t have enough expertise and tools to manage their site efficiently. But, now, there are many companies available that have been hosting sites and maintaining severs for years.

A solid web hosting company is vital with internet becoming everyone’s tool for survival- from large businesses to small.  Expense is the main reason why many businesses opt for cheap web hosting solutions. Cheap web hosting services benefit small businesses in many ways. One of them is they free themselves of all added costs that come along with hosting website on their own. From excellent customer service to one-click installations become a standard now, many web hosting providers charge nothing with what they offer.

Web Hosting Must Haves

It is crucial to go above and beyond when looking for a good web host. However, when deciding a good web hosting company for your small site, look for the following things:

  • Find a web host with an excellent uptime record
  • Providing dependable customer service
  • Should be able to support features you need
  • Bandwidth availability


Know What You Want, First

Before you get started in search, you need to know what you want. Some people want a basic web host, while others want to host a sequel database or build a shopping cart. When you investigate a company for web hosting, perhaps all of them serve the same purpose – same types of services such as website hosting, email services, domain name registrations, and secure certificates to manage your domain.  What differentiates one from the other is some are easier to use than others. Plus, it is better to look at the sizes of account they offer in terms of disk space and bandwidth. More or less, choice for the suitable web hosting provider lies in personal preference. So, what makes a hosting company worth your small business? Basically, it boils down to two main things that you need to focus on are – server usage and customer support. The most important feature one should look for is server back up.


Good web hosts use backup power system and perform daily off-site backups. Without this feature, your site is always at risk. Hosting servers are just computers; they’re machines prone to damage, they may go down for some potential reasons.  If something happens, how long your site is going to be down? Is someone going to help you as quickly as possible? Many small businesses want a web hosting solution that they’re able to get on the phone, call somebody, and get their issue handled because practically, small business owners are busy.  Besides, not all hosting plans are created the same. The 5$ hosting plan might offer you limited features and slow server loading time as compare to pricey plan.

The Best Web Hosts Out There

Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy are perhaps the biggest names in web hosting field.  Bluehost is one the largest hosting company out there in the market today. Powering over 2 million websites worldwide, it is widely known solution to deliver professionalism and quality service.  With their anytime refund money back guarantee, clients can rely on their service. Both HostGator and Bluehost use Cpanel to manage hosting services. Both of these web hosting solutions offer 24/7/365 phone support, and put high emphasis on quality customer support with live chats and email support. Somewhat, they both offer quite similar packages. Bluehost yearly plans are quite similar but costs few cents more than HostGator’s monthly plan.