You got a great domain name and registered it. Great. Now you are on a mission to find a reliable and affordable web hosting provider. You decide, okay Google has always been your savior when searching for solutions. Within no time, you are on your PC or smartphone and Google’s page. You decide to type the keyword “affordable and reliable web hosting providers.”  You want to avoid the word cheap. The narrative is cheap are always expensive.

So, going that route will be a killer mistake. Upon searching, you get hundreds if not thousands of results. Each provider promises you zero downtime, 24/7 technical support, free domain, free themes, and so on. To you, the offers are a good idea. But here are 3 things web hosting providers will never tell you:

Your initial hosting price is not the exact amount you will pay for the renewal

Well, you know the marketing slogan: get your website hosted for $1/year. And you think, this is what I need. If you didn’t know, what the company means is that you will pay $1 for the first year. However, when it comes to renewal time, it will not be a surprise that you will be required to pay more than $10 for the same service.

The providers are aware that you will not quit as you have already made some steps ahead and changing your hosting provider may be costly. Thus, it is essential to do your background work before signing up with a hosting provider.

You are responsible for your annual domain renewals

Aha. Another catch that the web hosting companies are not going to tell you is that you will have to pay renewal charges for all your domain names. In wooing customers, these companies use the phrase “free domain names upon subscribing to hosting services.” But what you need to know is that this offer is only valid for the first year. In the precedent years, you will have to pay for renewal fee which is between $10 and $15. Hence, you need to keep in mind that there are no free domains.

Your site will go down at times

Some providers will feed you with marketing messages promising you a 100% uptime. But in reality, what you will get is 90% or even less than that. Your site will always be down. In this essence, even if a provider promises you heaven, it is not a bad practice to check on what their current customers are saying about their service. So, don’t let the web hosting fascinating offers blind you.