Are you starting out or thinking of launching a website? In an era of new domain extension, it can be hard to determine whether to go with the trend or stick with .com. the advice from your peers is that you need a branded TLD. For instance, if you are selling shoes, their view is that you should go for the .shoes extension. However, you are not sure whether to follow their desires or stay classic and insert the .com extension as part of your top-level domain. It enables you to come up with a critical decision, here are the merits of a .com extension over the niche-specific and branded TLDs:

It is the internet language

When people are searching for web pages on the search engines, they always end them with dotcom. .com is the language of the internet that’s conversant with every web user. In this essence, using this extension offers you an upper hand in the virtual arena. Also, as people believe that legitimate sites must end with .com, those without knowledge about the existence of other extensions will always view your site as either a hoax or a scammer. In this regard, if you want to communicate with web users through their language, the dot-com extension is the best option.

Show of professionalism

Professionalism is essential to thrive in the modern competitive arena. While you may be looking forward to showing creativity and uniqueness – by using the trending domain extensions-, you might lose the professionalism virtue in the process. As you know, people expect professionals to have specific attributes. The extension of your website can determine whether your target customers will view you like one or not. Naturally, the .com extension has some respect. Hence, using it will not require you to do extra work trying to prove your professionalism.

Enhances flexibility

As you know, flexibility is an essential aspect of the day to day life. For instance, you might be selling footwear. However, within a short period, you realize that the business is performing poorly. Hence, you want to change it without any impact on your online audience. The affair could be a hard job if you had a .shoes than when your domain was .com. as such, if you are seeking to be flexible, the .com extension is always a nice consideration.

And those are some of the reasons and benefits you will earn by taking .com domain extension as part of your URL.