Monday , 25 July 2016
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Watch live UK channels, anywhere in the world, direct to your TV!

Ex-Pat TV is the easiest way to pick up your local TV, anywhere in the world.

You just need a broadband connection and a TV, that's it!!

You do not need a PC, you do not need a VPN, and you do not need an IP shield.

Our unique Ex-Pat TV set-top box is designed to replicate a Freeview receiver from the UK, Scandinavia or Greece, allowing you to view live TV from these countries anywhere in the world via your internet connection. You will never miss an episode of your favourite TV show or the big sporting events again with the Ex-Pat TV system. Simply plug the Ex-Pat TV box into your broadband router and your television and you will have live, uninterrupted access to all Free to Air channels currently broadcast in the those countries.

What's more, unlike others on the market, the Ex-Pat TV system does not require a computer to make it work, nor does it require you to hide your location. It is very simple to use and easy to set up. All this from only £19 per-month.

We have a 2 week catch-up facility on all of our receivers; this allows you to view your favourite shows completely at your leisure. Never miss any of your favourite TV programmes again.

We are on schedule to introduce an additional time-shift facility very soon, and are currently testing in a number of time-zones. This will allow viewing of your favourite TV shows at the correct time for your location. You will of course still be able to view all of your favourite TV shows at any time you wish using the catch-up facility. Upon release, this option will come as standard on all receivers.

Join us today to take advantage of these fantastic benefits

  • No Minimum Contract
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • This is Live TV, not Catch Up TV
  • Perfect Picture Quality
  • Set-top box transmits LIVE TV pictures direct to your TV
  • Use it anywhere in the world
  • No IP Shield Required

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